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Watch Dollhouse Week #4 & #5

DAY 4: A Spy In The House Of Love
This was originally episode 9.

It starts out with Eliza Dushku in a dominatrix outfit. Excellent. This episode is a non-linear story which jumps around a bit. Here goes. Spy discovered inside the dollhouse when Topher finds a chip. Questions a bunch of folks. Dominic enlists the help of an imprinted special agent Sierra. She goes on a Sydney Bristow "Alias" like mission where she grabs government documents to help pinpoint the spy. Meanwhile, Echo tells Topher to let her help. Interesting... Ballard finds out that Millie is a sleeper doll and gets another message from inside the dollhouse. This fast paced episode doesn't let up there. We found out that Victor's repeated lonely hearts mission involves him having an affair with DeWitt. DeWitt is imprinting a doll for her own use? Again, interesting. Echo finds out that Dominic is the spy. AWESOME! DeWitt orders him to be sent to the attic. Basically a memory wipe and being put in a box. Might as well have killed him. But before that, he tries to kill Echo, AGAIN! Boyd becomes the new head of security. Fast paced, multi-layered, lots of secrets revealed. Excellent stand out episode.

DAY 5: Haunted
This was originally episode 10.

This episode is a bit different than the others. This involves Echo getting imprinted with the memories of a dead woman to help her solve her murder. It mostly involves guest stars and not cast members. We found out that this woman is a friend of DeWitt's. We also see that Topher is allowed by DeWitt to imprint a doll for a "diagnostic" session. It really is Topher's birthday and he's imprinting Sierra to be his buddy & companion. I liked this episode even though at times it was playing out like a murder mystery or playing Clue. Either way, it's a good episode that shows a few more layers. I do miss the main storyline and cast though in this one since we see them so little. I guess this universe is growing on me. I'm allowing for the stories to go off on tangents and I'm starting to engage in the characters, even though a good deal of them are changing a bit every week. I like that this show is constantly putting its characters into moral grey zones. Looking forward to seeing what Mr. Whedon and company have in store for us next time.

Next up is tonight's all new episode #11 "Briar Rose" and then next week is the season finale. This is the end of Watch Dollhouse Week.
You can always watch episodes online on Hulu, plus you can get them on FOX ON DEMAND. Both Hulu and Fox on Demand are FREE. Plus, you can buy from Amazon or iTunes.

In the next 2 episodes I'm looking forward to finding out more about Alpha - the doll that went crazy that we keep hearing about. I think he may be behind all the leaks, but I'm really curious to see what's going on.

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