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summer is flying by

summer is definitely flying by.  It's been really hot in Burbank the last 2 weeks.  I guess it's been that kind of year all over the US.  Hot and not a lot of rain.  I made it to the Grammy Museum 2 weeks ago.  It was really fun.  You coudln't take pictures of much, but they have tons of interactive exhibits and lots of memorabilia.  They also do intimate concerts there which since I'm now a member (it was only $12 for the year with a Groupon) I can register for tickets.  The exhibits appear to change out every few months.  The main exhibit was a heavy metal retrospective.





Lots of history and they were screening Metallica/Anthrax concert movies.  There's a new Whitney Houston exhibit that I will check out at some point.  It just started this past Friday.  

Had an old friend visit from back home.  Esther Cascio and her daughter Codee.  I used to work with Esther after college at Olan Mills Glamour Studio.  She's always been fun to talk with and we had a great time hanging out.  I tried to give her my best tour guiding, but it was so warm, a few days we cut it short due to the heat.  We were at Santa Monica/Venice last Saturday and took our pictures with a Shark Week hat, which was fun.  Tons of people down there and did lots of walking.  Good for my weight loss.  Esther and Codee are considering moving to LA next year, so might have a few old friends back out here which would be fun.  I'll hopefully post some pictures from their trip, but I was mostly taking pictures with their camera, so I don't have too many.  I'll try to get a few from them.  

I've been nursing a cold for like 2 weeks.  It started as just a small cough last weekend and I powered through it. This week it's been runny nose and hard time sleeping.  So this weekend, I basically am staying in.  Worked on tons of website updates today and got my recycling done.  I went to lunch at Taste Chicago and got my own mini deep dish pizza.  That was so good. I'll probably go to bed early tonight.  I watched tons of episodes of Community and am almost all caught up on season 3 episodes.  I've been watching via Hulu Plus which just came out for Apple TV.  It's a great service, but for $7.99 a month, I'd love it if there were less commercials.  All in all, they are tolerable and it's a good service to have at least for a bit. I may cancel at some point, but not yet.  Tonight, I'll probably catch up on some more TV and take it easy.  I think my cold is getting better.  I've just been really busy and run down, so it's expected I guess.  But I hate feeling sicky when it's so nice and warm outside.  

Here's a random shot of a cool sculpture that I took when I was downtown for the Grammy Museum.  

Updated all of my no clue films section today.  Migrated all of the archived content that I wanted to have on this site.  I also added a new search tool and old blog posts from the iWeb MobileMe site.  I thought it would be fun to capture some of that if anyone ever wanted to read it or if I just wanted to.  Now I think it's looking pretty good and I will just have to do some updates occasionally.  

Watched a lot of the Olympics too in between work and weekend fun.  

Work has been going well.  Very busy, but I started to make some changes to the new groups I'm managing to make it a little easier for me.  I think it will pay off in the weeks to come, but there are a lot of projects getting ready to collide in September, so that will be a busy month while I get ready for Florida in October.  We are going Oct 7-14 this year, but I don't have all the details planned out just yet.  Hopefully soon.   Plane fare is kind of pricey so not sure what we are doing just yet.  

I upgraded my Mac to Mountain Lion today.  So far it's going well, but I haven't tried out too many different things today.  I've got a make a few more tweaks, but trying to do more storing in the cloud.  Added a dropbox account today for some syncing and then have Pages on my iPad and iPhone now so we'll try the Documents in the Cloud with iCloud service.  I still haven't broken down and purchased iTunes match just yet.  I feel like I should give it a try, but probably before the end of the year I'll sign up.  I wanted to wait until they worked out the kinks and now they have movies on there, so I'm sure I'm ready to jump into that soon.  

Well, I'll have to write another update soon.  Have a great rest of the weekend!


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