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website updates

I got my carpets cleaned today and while they were working I got to work on some website additions.  I'm getting there.  I've added a 2012 picture gallery and all my old funny videos from the old site as well as an extra one from Jacob's graduation.  I'll add the videos a little bit at a time so Emily has some new stuff to look at each day.  I'm just adding the videos to youtube since that's so easy to embed then.  I think that's it for this portion of the site and then I'll add a no clue films section of the site.  That section will be for my filmmaking stuff and mostly bringing in all the old content that used to live at

Here's a nice Cars Land picture from Disney's California Adventure.  

 Summer is definitely flying by.  I've been to Cars Land twice now.  Once just last weekend with Wailds.  The whole California family.  Just went to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl this past Monday.  Got there a little late, but watched Kelly Clarkson sing her heart out.  While The Fray was on I mostly drank wine with a friend.  Off to Hollywood Bowl again tonight to see Pixar in Concert.  Hollywood Bowl orchestra music featuring music from Pixar movies.  Got invited by Chris & Kerri since they had some friends cancel on them at the last minute.  And I was free.  I have to do some work today before I go to Hollywood Bowl.  

Work has been really busy.  Lots of changes and now I'm a manager of 3 groups instead of just 1.  It's going well and I'm liking the new responsibilities, but it's taking a little time to get used to the new workload and I'm putting in extra hours while that happens.   

Tomorrow, I'm going to try to go to the Grammy Museum in downtown LA.  I've been wanting to try it out so I figure head down there for a few hours.  Should be fun and I'll hopefully have some pictures from that soon.  

I should write some movie reviews too, perhaps a summer movie wrap-up more toward end of August.  Time for lunch though now.

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