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Watch Dollhouse Week #4 & #5

DAY 4: A Spy In The House Of Love
This was originally episode 9.

It starts out with Eliza Dushku in a dominatrix outfit. Excellent. This episode is a non-linear story which jumps around a bit. Here goes. Spy discovered inside the dollhouse when Topher finds a chip. Questions a bunch of folks. Dominic enlists the help of an imprinted special agent Sierra. She goes on a Sydney Bristow "Alias" like mission where she grabs government documents to help pinpoint the spy. Meanwhile, Echo tells Topher to let her help. Interesting... Ballard finds out that Millie is a sleeper doll and gets another message from inside the dollhouse. This fast paced episode doesn't let up there. We found out that Victor's repeated lonely hearts mission involves him having an affair with DeWitt. DeWitt is imprinting a doll for her own use? Again, interesting. Echo finds out that Dominic is the spy. AWESOME! DeWitt orders him to be sent to the attic. Basically a memory wipe and being put in a box. Might as well have killed him. But before that, he tries to kill Echo, AGAIN! Boyd becomes the new head of security. Fast paced, multi-layered, lots of secrets revealed. Excellent stand out episode.

DAY 5: Haunted
This was originally episode 10.

This episode is a bit different than the others. This involves Echo getting imprinted with the memories of a dead woman to help her solve her murder. It mostly involves guest stars and not cast members. We found out that this woman is a friend of DeWitt's. We also see that Topher is allowed by DeWitt to imprint a doll for a "diagnostic" session. It really is Topher's birthday and he's imprinting Sierra to be his buddy & companion. I liked this episode even though at times it was playing out like a murder mystery or playing Clue. Either way, it's a good episode that shows a few more layers. I do miss the main storyline and cast though in this one since we see them so little. I guess this universe is growing on me. I'm allowing for the stories to go off on tangents and I'm starting to engage in the characters, even though a good deal of them are changing a bit every week. I like that this show is constantly putting its characters into moral grey zones. Looking forward to seeing what Mr. Whedon and company have in store for us next time.

Next up is tonight's all new episode #11 "Briar Rose" and then next week is the season finale. This is the end of Watch Dollhouse Week.
You can always watch episodes online on Hulu, plus you can get them on FOX ON DEMAND. Both Hulu and Fox on Demand are FREE. Plus, you can buy from Amazon or iTunes.

In the next 2 episodes I'm looking forward to finding out more about Alpha - the doll that went crazy that we keep hearing about. I think he may be behind all the leaks, but I'm really curious to see what's going on.


Watch Dollhouse Week #3

A little late again with Wednesday's episode post, but I'm trying to stay up to date at least. Looking forward to the new episode Friday, but this is fun catching up.

DAY 3: Needs
Episode 8 - Actives Escape! Thought it was more about super glitching and then suddenly realized that DeWitt wanted this to happen. Ballard isn't in this episode much, but last week he got a message from inside the dollhouse. Pretty cool and the story is becoming multi-layered which I love. Topher says they are running a test. At the end we realize it was Dr Saunder's idea. It was a self-contained episode that really only dealt with the ideas behind the series and not resolve anything. I found it engaging, but I craved the need for more mystery which I got in the last 30 seconds. I also got to see glimpses of the actives' past which I really enjoyed since the characters of the actives are hard to engage in. This episode made me feel for them and got me thinking about why they would enter the dollhouse to begin with. Good episode.

Hulu has all the episodes online, plus you can get them on FOX ON DEMAND. Both Hulu and Fox on Demand are FREE. Plus, you can buy from Amazon or iTunes. Watch Dollhouse Week has all the links you'll need too.

Again, I can't say it enough. Watch Dollhouse. It's a great show and Eliza Dushku looks fantastic each week.


American Idol Results

For a minute I thought Adam Lambert might go home. Alas, my prediction of Matt G came true. Good luck Matt! Looking forward to hearing your record.


American Idol Thoughts - Top 5:  Standards

April 28th, 2009 - Top 5 Perform Rat Pack Standards

My initial reaction is that this was an excellent show. I loved it. Everyone did a really great job. But tomorrow, someone has to go.

Kris - I loved his performance. Understated and effortless. Great job.
Alison - C'mon, she did fantastic! She was really great and I loved her tonight. She did much better than I thought she would. Vote for her America. I did twice.
Matt G - He did a bang up job tonight. I thought he did a good job by singing lower most of the time and really opening up tonight. I think he still tried a little too hard by singing more runs than he needed too, but all around I found it one of his better performances.
Danny - In it to win it. I really loved him tonight. Hands down my favorite of the night!
Adam - He was good. But I still don't like him. Too theatrical and a little too confident. He doesn't need to win, he might want to, but he can still get a record deal if he doesn't. I just wasn't that thrilled.

Overall, a great night of music and we'll see what tomorrow brings. My gut tells me that Matt G is out of his depth in this competition now. In a slower year, he could win the whole thing, but I think he goes out 5.


Watch Dollhouse Week #2

DAY 2: Echoes
This was originally episode 7.

This episode introduced us to the greedy soulless corporation behind the Dollhouse - the Rossum Corporation. Basically, the episode is framed around the idea that the Rossum Corporation is testing a drug on a college campus that affects memories and makes people loopy. We were also introduced to the lives of the dolls before they became "actives". It talked about memory "glitches" where the dolls start to remember their lives before they came to the dollhouse. Also, for some reason, Echo/Caroline, sees a glimpse of a college building from her past and she is compelled to go there even though she is on assignment. We also meet a secondary character, Sam, that helps propel this story as he is trying to steal a drug that the Rossum Corporation is testing on a college campus and sell it to a rival corporation. We also find that the "actives" can remember things outside of their lives that they are programmed to live while on assignments, since Echo does this repeatedly. I'm convinced that this wasn't just the drug but a side affect of what they are doing at the dollhouse. We also see Echo refuse a treatment from her handler Boyd, but I'm convinced it's because he was affected by the drug at the time. It gives us glimpses of details about how Echo came to be and the idea that she was recruited by Ms. DeWitt. We also see her doing it again with Sam. Possibly, dolls are recruited and it's all done for money and they think of this as a job even though the "actives" are just being exploited by the greedy Rossum Corporation. I'm probably dumbing this down, but see how interesting it is. It was a very engaging episode that left me with more questions than answers, but it helped to make a richer story for me as a whole for the series.

Watch Dollhouse Week continues tomorrow.

Again, I can't say it enough. Watch Dollhouse. It's a great show and Eliza Dushku looks fantastic each week. There's a new episode on Friday at 9pm on FOX.